Our Mission

NDCASSOCIATION CIC Provides health and well being, empowerment workshops thereby encouraging community cohesion, family integration and stability. our services is open to everyone who requires them. we are committed to actively working with volunteers to enhance and develop the services for young adult and women. Our programmes impact in the lives of the youths empowering them to succeed.
- Development programmes through guidance and coaching on health and well being.
- Campaigns
- Art, Crafts and Fashion Workshops/Events.
-Influence Government by making sure the youths have a say in decisions made by the Parliament which can have an impact in their future.
From Inception we have supported :
-400 young people and women from BAME Communities, increasing to 1000 young people due to COVID-19 Pandemic. 
- Collaborated and supported 10 community groups in UK, 5 Charities in UK and 2 Charities in Nigeria.
2018 to 2019 : we ran a community shop project called AMAF (Ankara Meets Adire Festival) supporting upcoming designers from marginalised background to exhibit and sell their product in our community shop at Portobello London
Project EYTS Empowering youths to succeed project was initiated in 2018 to advocate for BME Youths, providing them with training, career advice, and engaging with the UK Government to have a say in decision making that affects youths.
We generate funds by trading and providing services, All profits are reinvested back to run mostly our services in London.
-We launched COVID-19 Awareness campaign and feeding Initiative across London 1st March 2020 promoting the importance and the impact the virus can have on people, Feeding Initiative: Distributing cooked meals and Food parcels to NHS Staff, Key Workers and The Homeless fed over 4000 from inception to November 2020, with also the support of National Lottery Community Fund we were able to achieve our aim

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